r e a l i t i e s

a l i

All Shall Perish..


I know..

One day “I” will not be, yet I shall be. I know that all of this Earth shall change and all shall perish.

All the mighty shall fall and structures shall crumble like dust. The mountains shall float and the seas shall merge and ..yes… ALL shall perish. All creatures gathered and judgments given. All shall be as no one can imagine.. and ALL shall perish..

The tears, the smiles, the joys of people… The memories and little things we put in little boxes to keep forever.. The trees and flowers we planted with love, the dresses we wore and the homes we built.. All shall perish. When we will not cry for anyone, when we will not care. When we will just know ourselves alone…and YOU… for YOU shall not perish.

Yes, I know.. that one day.. the Earth will spill out all it contains and reveal to all with sense what was reality. Reality we ignored and chose illusions.. illusions that shall perish..

I ask you my Allah, in writing and in word and from my heart and my soul… I beg you .. that when All this does perish.. let not my awareness of You perish.. let not your mercy for me Perish.. let not your love Perish.. I beg you.. I request.. I bow in submission and ask you and know that you are the Most Merciful and Compassionate… Do not let your Mercy upon me Perish…

La ilaha Il Allah, Muhammadun Rasool Allah…


Be Still

Stand still for a minute. Keep silent. Let the world pass by. Let the sun rise and let it set again. Don’t be in a hurry. Don’t be afraid of loss. And, don’t run for gain. Be still.
Look around you and see the purpose of each created entity. A tree stands in a place for a reason. A man crosses the street for a reason. An event, good or bad, occurs for a reason. For once, don’t interfere with all that is happening. Don’t try to change what you cannot change.
Go back in time to another day in the past. Remember all that you did that day and all that occurred. And, in your mind, be very still that day. You see how each and every word and action from you and all the people of the world resulted in changes today. Had you stood still that day, your today would not have been the way it is today.

All happens for a purpose. Be still and calm and you will start to see how the world works. You will see how every second is counted and every action allowed or disallowed… is so significant…

The Presence

A constant awareness of being observed. Each word recorded. Each thought noted. A silent reaction felt loudly. A presence. Constant and consistent. Showing and guiding silently. Creating reason and defining situations. A presence.

It is not an illusion for illusions never last so long. It is too powerful to ignore even when extreme joy of this world overwhelms the mind or when the heaviest burden of despair is placed upon the heart..the silent observer, the owner, the Creator…the presence is constant. Unseen and not felt by any of the senses but by a sense undefined and unknown. A feeling so deep within that ignoring leaves my being with no realm to exist in..
I live each moment..in thy presence my Lord…each moment..

A realization..


Is this the dream or is the dream what I see when I sleep?
We gather together in other realities to meet and see the reality of eachother each night and upon return to this world of illusion, we forget it all..
There is so much we experience but awareness restricts us. That is because we restrict awareness. Our fears guard it from wandering out of the cage of reality we construct and confine feelings, sensitivity and awareness to…
We see it all, we know it all yet we shall admit it not..that is because we fear the responsibility of being aware and we fear holding the light In our hearts. Why?

We see our own soul and other souls..but we ignore their reality and impose our own so that we can label..

We love to play God and not submit to God..

My Feelings..


Often..and many times in a day..you complain.
You say that I don’t pay attention…that I live in a world of my own. Often you say this. And, I walk away silently. And, this you hate.
But then tell me…..what am I to do?
When words mean nothing and when explanations are destroyed by disbelief..what is one to do but remain silent.
Silently, I watch the sun rise and set..I watch the night disappear into day and day into night..silently, I see faces change and life move. Silently, I give all my attention to you and you see it not….
You see not the gaze of my heart as my eyes look elsewhere..you see not my constant awareness of you…you see me not. You see only your own pain..
…..and not my feelings…

Ignorant Believer


Not a book have I read nor shall I read nor can I!
Ignorant I am of the sciences taught and definitions. Educated I am not in suppositions and I know not what great men have written.

But I bow not to a man..I beg not a human nor a jinn. I walk tall and I fear no one. I give to and I take not from people. I fear not death nor an enemy strong. I stop to wipe the tears of a child and I sit with the old and hear their tales with a smile.

I am a believer of God. I see Him not, I feel Him. I ask Him for even a pinch of salt..if needed. I spend my moments with Him around..and I feel peace when all are lost..
IGNORANT ..they call me. Yet, to me they come. They call me night and day..I call them not. Their knowledge makes them weak and sad..my faith makes me happy and strong..yes..ignorant am I!
No! Make me not of the knowledgable..I am happy in ignorance..but deprive me not of faith in you My Lord…

Broken Hearts..


Broken hearts are in reality unbreakable containers of despair sealed by disappointments..
Disappointments caused by expectations from the created and not the Creator..
Forgive, overlook and move on..be fair to your heart..