All Shall Perish..

by a l i


I know..

One day “I” will not be, yet I shall be. I know that all of this Earth shall change and all shall perish.

All the mighty shall fall and structures shall crumble like dust. The mountains shall float and the seas shall merge and ..yes… ALL shall perish. All creatures gathered and judgments given. All shall be as no one can imagine.. and ALL shall perish..

The tears, the smiles, the joys of people… The memories and little things we put in little boxes to keep forever.. The trees and flowers we planted with love, the dresses we wore and the homes we built.. All shall perish. When we will not cry for anyone, when we will not care. When we will just know ourselves alone…and YOU… for YOU shall not perish.

Yes, I know.. that one day.. the Earth will spill out all it contains and reveal to all with sense what was reality. Reality we ignored and chose illusions.. illusions that shall perish..

I ask you my Allah, in writing and in word and from my heart and my soul… I beg you .. that when All this does perish.. let not my awareness of You perish.. let not your mercy for me Perish.. let not your love Perish.. I beg you.. I request.. I bow in submission and ask you and know that you are the Most Merciful and Compassionate… Do not let your Mercy upon me Perish…

La ilaha Il Allah, Muhammadun Rasool Allah…