Consequence of Anger..

by a l i

And when the Sea is angered, ships are wrecked and lives are lost.. 

Enforce with anger, express with anger.. intolerant and angry. Whether right or wrong, some people are always angry. Most of the time this anger is to scare someone and many times it is ignorance. Because Anger is the child of frustration and frustration is only because of either ignorance or deprivation, or a perception of deprivation of something. Anger is the attempt to secure oneself. But, it does not deliver security at all.

The beauty of truth is lost if truth is expressed in anger and haste.

A reaction to good or bad is wasted if the reaction is anger. A heart is destroyed if anger surrounds it. Anger is the impatience of a soul to deliver or to BE in a state of being. Impatience is not a virtue. It is the ignorant mind’s assumption of time and this mind truly feels that existence is limited , when it is not. Anger is the result of knowing the half truth and not the whole truth. Thus, the angry person , even if saying what is right, is not appreciated nor loved and sometimes…. not even heard.

Perception will never be complete, nor vision will ever see completely if anger is not dealt with. Anger is the formation of a powerful energy that can be converted to lift the soul to a higher place..and it must be suppressed for it to acquire this quality. Silence tames anger. Halting expression and gesture at the time of anger tames it. Do so.

The consequence of anger is never good. So, if you think you have said something right or enforced goodness through anger ,and you even may have – you have also caused despair and resentment and put the seed for rebellion and chaos..

No, if you have not controlled anger, you have a long journey of learning ahead of you…