Simple Reactions

by a l i

It’s the simple things in life that truly matter and have an impact. Because the complicated issues do not and cannot hold our attention for a long time anyway. If they do, they cause chaos within..

Simple you, simple me.. simple life… a simple journey. A simple event. But, reactions can be complicated. And, reactions CAN complicate things. So, keep your reactions as simple as the event that causes it. Nothing more, nothing less.. just a simple thing.. that needs a simple look.. a smile or a frown maybe.. and nothing more.

For when you complicate it and decorate it with negativity , then it is magnified. And assumption makes it huge. And , then it becomes a burden that is hard to carry.. and so.. we fall. Sometimes pulling our friends and loved ones with us. That is what causes grief.. losing your simplicity in responding to something simple.

A word uttered.. by mistake maybe or in pain maybe. A moment of sadness maybe or because of a thought that will not exit the mind maybe.. a simple word. Respond to it with a smile or just hear it and let it pass without reaction. Be simple. Do not catch it and shape it into a knife that you use to stab your own heart. Yes, life is such. Simple. But, our reactions are not simple sometimes and so this great drama of mankind takes new twists and turns. We react and complicate and never let go of it. Never simply realizing that in doing so, we hurt ourselves the most.

A story, not defined yet.. maybe false or maybe true.. presented to us.. gets a reaction. A reaction within or expressed fully. A reaction that causes newer negativity to come into existence. Consuming the mind as it transforms into belief , destroying perception – making us act in ways , express in ways and think in ways that may cause great harm. All for what?

Be simple in reacting to what you see and hear from people and in everything around you. And do not let your reaction last for more than a moment. Focus on the simple, beautiful, positive things in life…

Be Simple…and…..happy..