Keep it..

by a l i

Frustration with those that stubbornly cause destruction to themselves has led me to understand the different degrees of limitations of the mind. Was my frustration not the result of my ignorance of this fact?
Degrees and stations in life will remain in the organization of creation. Those closest to you will never be the same as you. Your standard and criterion is for you and try as much as you want, everyone will not confirm to it.
You can show, speak and explain all you like. The one that is not to benefit from you, shall not. It is their limitation. Your test? Live with it. Your reacting to their ignorance and stubbornness may only cause them pain. Do you want to then inflict pain and remain frustrated? You must live with your own limitations and the limitations of others. Accept this. It is the only way frustration will be replaced by peace and a chance for growth. It is the only way one can counter frustration.
So don’t advise unless asked for advice. And evaluate the seeker before you give away precious words that may not be cherished.
Keep your silence. Keep your words.

Keep your treasure… Keep it.