by a l i

Angered by human fault or mistakes, we continue to burn our own souls within!
Allowing anger to hurt our mind and body. Allowing anger to slowly poison our lives. Anger causing more anger.
We must learn the science of our minds and define the positive and the negative. Because, when we stop doing that, we lose control. When we lose control, we lose the ones we love. Thus, the result of excessive anger is always, as a rule, loneliness and despair. The writer has spent years of loneliness to be able to tell you this!
Never let anger cause you to utter and retaliate. Be silent and alone in anger so that you can share your joy with your loved ones.
The immediate cure to anger is forgiveness and forgiveness is the result of compassion. Compassion lives in the heart that realizes the weakness of man. Compassion seeks to grow and give growth. So, convert the energy of anger into the power of compassion by forgiving and then defining. Define to the one that angered you their action. And, if they are indifferent, keep silent. Be detached. Soon, you may see that your anger was not worth expressing really…