For You…

by a l i

If my forsaking food , sex, drink, and all that I need from sunrise to sunset is for You and if all my praying , doing good , loving creation, honoring people and patience at times of test is for You , then I shall do it willingly, by choice and with all my heart.
From a drop of water you brought me to life and shaped me and gave me an existence. I hear, touch , smell and feel because You gave me this. I smile because You cause events and moments that give me joy!

And if You are the Creator of me and all that I see and don’t see, then why shall I seek all I want and need anywhere and from anyone but You?
Yes You. For You is are my senses, my body, my being and my soul. From You and to You. It can never be enough to know You are there and to feel You constantly is why You have given me a mind and the power to focus. For You I shall live and in every moment, every act and every utterance shall You be my biggest consideration. Some call it the fear of You, I call it the reality of me and the love of You. You are fair, and I shall be too , for You.
Catch me if I fall, I beg of You! Leave me not if even for a blink of an eye, I beg of You! Forgive me my fault, I pray to You! Love me and fill my heart with your light, I seek this from You! Make me not a subject of your creation but a slave of You, I beg again! Remind me of your favors when I am sad, please! Show me Your greatness in my joy. Let me be grateful and let me learn. Leave me not to wander in the maze of darkness alone, I bow in repentance and ask this of You, only You!

I will always try my best and do good for You.. Just You.