by a l i

Hush… hush my mind… you have so much to say. You are one. But in you are many. They all speak and they all want. That is why there is always an “if” and a ” but”… Hush now. All of you , quiet. Let someone else speak. Let the quiet , observing and beautiful soul emerge now. Let the heart open it’s door.. and all of you now be quiet and listen..

The soul says to the mind: You were made to analyze, interpret, memorize , define and seek. You did. But what have you analyzed, interpreted, memorized , defined and sought? That is what I shall judge.

Did you , Oh mind, indulge too much in what you see around you? Did you not know it will pass. That it is forever changing. So why did you choose to focus on it. Why did you not focus on me? I am with you eternally and I am here to take you to permanence.

Did you make room for doubts, fears and worried dear mind? Did you not know that they are my enemies and I am your true friend? Why did you let them in ? Why did you not instead ignore them and look at me?

For in doing this, you would have not have to go through so much trouble. And, hurt the body you are in. You would be at peace. Because I have the answer to everything. I am the soul you had been gifted with. I am the one that completes you. I would have whispered all secrets , analysis, definitions, interpretations and beautiful memories to you. You would be so full of light that you would show the way to other minds in this world of darkness.

Yes, it is me you must work on, nothing else. ..