My Dreams…

by a l i

Why must I define my dreams?

Harsh realities of life, disappointments and all this chaos ends when I shut my eye and fly off into my real life. A life I came from once . A painful entry into a painful world where dreams are not reality. Where dreams are often laughed at. Where dreams are suppressed. Why must I define my beautiful dreams and find messages for this life in them? Why should I not just love them and look forward to more in sleeps of tomorrow and the day after?

My world. Where I was. It calls me back each night to let me fly and see beautiful realities. Sometimes, the worst of energies linger on to me as I take my flight and try to disturb me there.  I conquer them and send them back , because that is my domain. Other times, they don’t let my soul go, and because of my own weakness is so.. had I not given in to ego that day.. they would not take me to their depths and I would not see a nightmare..

I will define not my dreams, for they are only for me to see and love. I will let them nurture and renew my soul each night, each day – and whenever I choose to fly away…

Yes, My Dreams are my window to my real life..