by a l i

The mountain that stood in front of me was majestic and huge. It stood firmly and challenged one’s courage. It was beautiful but lethal and it had no pathways.
To climb it I had to make a path. So that those that follow don’t have to search and happily find their way. To conquer it I had to conquer me. To climb it was the only choice! For on this side was gloom and on the other side was life.
Fear stopped me, logic ridiculed me and faith tempted me. Realize, that if you take the first step to climb, you will have to climb. And if you fall, you will have failed, my heart warned me.
I held the hand of faith and with eyes closed and ears blocked to the uttering of logic, heart and fear, I took the step.
The mountain whispered, open your eyes and see. I did. I was on its peak. Behind me lay a beautiful path ready for millions to walk on and ahead of me was life.
How be this? I questioned.
“Can I be a hurdle for one that held the hand of faith to climb and conquer me? No. You defeated me when you defeated fear and made your heart and mind submit to faith” the mountain whispered to me…