Another Life..

by a l i

Slowly changing is life and so slow that the mind cannot notice.. But, memory tells the story of change when asked to wake up and tell its tales of the past. We have not changed, but life has changed. And it is changing and we only realize this once all the changes have happened. When babies have grown , and when a new ray of light comes and caresses the earth revolving. When suddenly we look at all that is around us.. and for a moment go back in time .. and go through every event of life and to a time when days were long and weeks were longer – when “next year” was so far away.. We realize that it all went and something else has come and we went through it.. we spent all those moments and they seem so short now.. Surely, this life is not the only life. Surely, this life cannot be all of life… for we need an eternity to express our hearts and define our souls….we need more than a lifetime.. we need another life.. and another… and another…

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