The Traveler

by a l i

Calm is the exterior and words are few. A smile displayed , maybe forced or real who can tell? Slowly arranging life and fighting the minute battles, sometimes seeking refuge in solitude. Escaping silently into a world within and an environment aggressively secured from possible intrusions. Allowing an utterance here and there. Hinting at the storms and thunder within the heart. Humbling the ego and seeking strength in worship.
The traveler continues his journey, covering seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks. Countering every illusion with the shock of reality. Defining every dream and desire and taming them to comply with the regulations of this journey. The traveler ensures a journey free of incident or accident. Pushing away every hurdle of ignorance with the announcements of wisdom and making for lost time , wasted on resentments and anger, with breaks of appreciation, admiration and praise.
The traveler continues his journey . A journey ,he knows, will not end until he has balanced the universe within him and established real peace. A journey that could be halted suddenly too.
A journey that could end at the doors of bliss or the never ending fall to a depth that cannot be measured…