True Slave of GOD?

by a l i

A friend of mine, in Canada noticed this:

He went to a mosque to pray. Next to him was a guy , well suited and apparantly well off. It happens that sometimes we see someone and they leave an impression on the mind but we never discuss them or even think of them but they get stored somewhere in memory. So , my friend stored him in his memory.

He noticed that after prayer , the man went straight to the mosque washrooms. Not giving it much thought, my friend left. The next day , he saw the same man in the same mosque and that man did the same thing. Again, just ignoring this, my friend went about his business. Later that day, he went to a different mosque for another prayer … and that man was there too. After prayer, the man – again.. went to the mosque’s washrooms. This time, my friend grew suspicious and followed him. He could not believe what he saw. The man took off his jacket, pulled up his sleeves and CLEANED the washroom. He made it shine. Then, he quietly put his jacket on and got in his expensive SUV and left. My friend followed this man for some days and discovered this:

This man would pray the five prayers in different mosques each day. After each prayer, he would go to the washrooms of the mosques and thoroughly clean them. He would do this without any reason or reward. He would clean them completely and walk away. Making sure that no one noticed him. And, he was probably doing this for a long time.

We all complain about filth in public toilets and toilets at the mosques too. We complain about a lot of things. But, what do we do about it? We blame someone. We talk about it. We get angry about it. But, what do we DO about it? This man decided to DO something about it in his own way. Instead of blaming and giving lectures, he ACTED. And he did something POSITIVE!

“Respond with goodness to  your enemy and be very patient. He will be your most loyal friend as a result of this”

The result of this action could be:

When a person walks into a washroom so clean, he will probably leave it clean too. Most people leave it dirty because the last person left it dirty, so their filth would go unnoticed.

He ensured that facilities at a place of worship are good and clean so that worshippers do not get disgusted.

He defeated his ego by doing what Janitors do maybe once a day. He did it 5 times a day so that he never feels too proud of his worldly achievement.

Be it a Christian, Jew or Muslim or any Human Being.. this is a TRUE SLAVE OF GOD!

In this true incident lies a VALUABLE lesson for me.