Hatred and Destruction

by a l i

Hold it against me if you shall. Hate me. Respect me not. Curse me in your heart if it relieves you. Hold it against me. Look at me with hatred and anger when you look at me. I will not respond nor will I explain. But yes, I will feel sorry for you.
You have given birth to your hatred because of your inability to accept my truth or any truth. You have limited yourself and decided to live in illusions. And, my existence challenges that. My presence pulls you out of your illusions and brings you into reality. And you know it is not my reality, it IS reality. You burden your heart by forcing deception on it first and then filling it with fire of hatred and anger that is not even justified for a real enemy, for it will consume your existence quickly! I feel very sorry for you.
Life exists not as you wish it to exist but as it is decided for you to be. And when you have paid it’s due , it will be as you wish it to be. So fear not the loss of what is when you diminish your illusions and replace your anger with joy.
When you curse the innocent and the sincere, you have only decided destruction for yourself and they remain blessed. So, let not your hatred deceive you as did your illusions…