by a l i

A friend told me that they were growing old now. I was glad to hear this. But , what I wanted to know was : what had time spent since birth given them?  And why the negative tone attached to the word old? What is old? And what is new?

Life was given so that a body , a “self” could be raised to the level of the heavens. A soul enters to ensure its growth and stays with it for a period we divide into years and days and months. And then it leaves this “self” for a period, and then it returns to take this “self” to its judgement where it will be shown all that it has done and where it stands. And, after that it will continue to exist in the state of hell of heaven depending on the path it paved for itself. IT is you. An eternal being. So why the sorrow at “ageing”?

Oh come now my friend, there is no such thing. You grow weak and useless if you had spent the whole time being weak and useless. Youth is forever, had you opened up your heart and understood instead of deciding and defining without real knowledge of life. Had you been humble enough to say ” I don’t know, but I will know” , you would have known by now. And in knowing you would have a mind that is CERTAIN and a perception that is REAL. And, in being so, you would be controlling the material, your body included , and it would not be controlling you.

You have decided and defined “ageing” in a negative way. You added despair to life for no reason. Ageing is beautiful and you will be too if you see it’s reason. It is a moment that you were given to unite all the elements of your being into the ONE complete  creature the whole universe celebrates…