Not Important

by a l i

I am important, but what is within me is not important. Because with the wisdom, and with the knowledge, and with the feelings and beliefs are notions, fears, opinions, assumptions and desires. With the soul is an ego. Thus, I am incomplete. I am imperfect.  And , try as I might, I fail to see me reaching perfection in this life. I realize that what I see DOES affect me. Even though I will convince myself it does not. And until it does, I am weak.

I have to rise above ALL that is in me by taking time out from me. From the function of me. From the inner me. And when I do that, I see me and I see also perfection – not mine, but my Creator’s. And that is when the heart truly beats for the first time.

I can only know my importance by making myself not important to me sometimes. By looking beyond myself sometimes. By not living with me sometimes. And this is the only way I will learn to know me.. maybe.