The Nag

by a l i

Constantly nagging a person. Constantly seeking something from someone. A way of life. A way of thought. A belief: “I can get what I want from someone by constantly nagging them about it. By constantly presenting my demand in various ways. I will get what I want finally. I will cry,  I will lie, I will pretend and I will do all I can to convince this person to give me what I need. And when I get what I need,  I will ask for more. Watch me get it all you fools who fend for yourselves, I am way better than you!”

If you knew how many people think like this, you would understand why God has said that if  He was to judge , He would not leave a single particle on earth.

The ones that nag do get a lot of what they want – they also get this: Resentment of others, curses of others, hatred, ultimate failure and eventually loneliness. No one loves them. No one can because they themselves don’t love themselves, they SERVE themselves. Their biggest crimes is this: They limit their minds, growth and life by seeking from the creation and not the creator!

Never insist, never Nag – GROW!