The Businessman

by a l i

Many deals to make, and many people to meet. There is so much to do and there is such little time to do it. What shall he do? The businessman runs, calls, talks, writes and shouts. He has deadlines. He has targets. He has competitors and he has objectives and goals. The businessman does his business. He has a lot of work to do. He gets his laptop and he has his phones. He has his enemies and so many “friends”. The businessman, has word to do…

And then there is THE BUSINESSMAN:

The businessman no other businessman can compete with. The businessman who is on top of ALL business of the world. He made just ONE deal in his life. He made a deal with God. He chose to be a part of the “invisible” hand that runs the finance of the world and he knew how to be a part of it. He made a business committment. He promised the OWNER of Earth that if he is given the project of money management, he will make sure that some of God’s creatures get their share on time. That this businessman will make sure that the goods ARE delivered where needed, on time – without fail. He took a responsibility. So in his first payment, he opened the door to knowledge for the ignorant, he opened the door for food for the hungry and he bought lots of medicines for the sick. He bought little homes for orphans and he made them feel secured. He heard the cries of the hearts of  people that dared not beg from the world and he quietly put some money in their hands. He used the money for the project he won by making a deal most dare not.. and he started running his business. He also has a lot of work to do. But, this work doesnot give him stress, it gives him peace because the immense profits come with blessings too…..