My Poetic Corporate World..

by a l i

I can be harsh and demanding. I can be rude and I can play games. The corporate world expects that and creates the opportunity for it. But, why shall I not redefine it and add some poetry and heart to it. After all, the people in it are humans with hearts and souls. The people in it are all that they are because they are seekers of profits. Why the Profits? The desire for money and power is to achieve what can be achieved in a moment – freedom. Freedom in action and decision. The ability to buy time off from life. The ability to enjoy pleasures of life. So, they are seekers too. It is only that the language they speak is different from the language an artist speaks – but the meanings are the same. The words differ but they try to express the same desire.

” I want to see a rise in revenue , so I am setting a target and we have deadlines” equates to ” And I seek from life.. many moments of freedom .. and for this I strive and limit my patience”.. means the same thing, but is said differently…