by a l i

Once upon a time.. a man who realized a lot of things in life, said this about his wife:

“I was at a mall last night with my family and there were many women there. As I was getting coffee a thought hit me really hard : My look of affection and want is something someone has a right over. Someone who has sacrificed alot for me. Someone who went through labor pains and brought such a beautiful child and is raising him. Someone who takes care of me when I fall sick and loves me immensely. I saw her.. and she was looking straight at me. Not caring for any other man, but me… and I realized one thing. No lust, no desire for a woman, is great enough to hurt this person who has really done NOTHING to hurt me.”

Never hurt the female companion God has gifted you with for she is a reflection of your own soul and by causing grief to her, you cause grief to your own being….