Beauty from beyond..

by a l i

I spend a night..a whole night in thought. In expression and in prayer. I find so much peace and so much grace in doing so. Yet, there is something missing. A certain uncertainty. A slight irritation. An unfulfilled desire to see a light. A longing I cannot define. A desire that I know will not be fulfilled in this life and while in this cage, the body. A beauty not of this earth that I seek..

And, with a lot of peace and some distress I walk out into the garden. The morning smell. The songs of the birds and the breeze. And then I look at the sky and I see light. The sun is rising. My distress disappears and is replaced by awe. Is this not a mystical light that shines on earth each day and we don’t even notice it? Who could construct such a beauty but a God?

Yes, sunlight is mystical, the morning breeze is mystical and the songs of the birds are haunting and that is beauty , not of this earth but for this earth.