The Begger, the Survivor and the King..

by a l i

We choose our path in this life. No one else chooses it for us. They might suggest a path, but we choose. There are 3 ways of life that you decide YOURSELF to live :

The Begger: You choose to depend on others and cling on to another human being. The fault may lie with the one that raised you, but it is YOUR choice. You did not comprehend or even begin to understand your own potential and power and you limited yourself by submitting to other creatures and not the creator. Thus, you live by begging. You need someone to carry you. You will not rise and act because you have decided you cannot and have withdrawn from life. Solution: Realize this very fact that you are a BEGGER.

The Survivor: You choose to make your way through the crowd, by hook or by crook. You do what can be done to just live. You give to yourself, but not to others. You have taken charge of yourself, but society is a maze for you. You have defined life as a jungle full of beasts and you have to survive no matter what it takes. You have developed remedies and solutions that work for you alone. You really have no care for anyone. If someone can come with you , fine.. if not.. their fault. In fighting this battle in the jungle, you grow to love yourself – which is good. But, it can easily become selfishness. And , it usually does. Yet, you survive. You learnt a long time ago, that no one will just give something to you – you have to know how to take it. You are not in a problem, but you may have a problem one day. It is called LONELINESS. Solution: Learn to Share.

The King: You are the King. You are above the common man. Because you chose to discover yourself through submission to the One Creator that brought you into this world. You realized early in life that life is your conversation with God. That all human conditions are from God and HE can remove them. So, you chose the path of humbleness and submission to God. And, in doing so, you got wisdom, wealth and happiness. In doing so, you loved your God, and in loving your God you loved yourself. In loving yourself, you loved creation and so the love was multiplied by millions. All people around you look up to you and you receive and handle others well. You do not but desire and it IS. What is not given is to be understood and defined further and not cried over. You give peace and solutions to the world and you appreciate human limitation. You can ordain things and you can do what most cannot imagine because you have removed all limits upon yourself. Your self-confidence is nill. And it has been replaced by God Confidence which is the result of submission, hope and faith in God. You have been blessed because you CHOSE to be in this state and you did all you could to BE in this state. You give solutions to life.