The Hurt

by a l i

Hard to get over the hurt given to you by someone you loved?

 Very hard. But then, what did you think? You loved a creature subjected to the many weathers and changes in currents of life. You loved a human being. A creature that is filled with many energies that change. Few of them are constant. Few can be. This hurt. This painful realization of loss and disappointment should not leave you in despair! Because if it does, then you will only pass on the hurt you received and spread pain. This hurt should make you constant. It only reflects your own lacking  and of your understanding of YOU. The pain this person caused is the pain you feared. What you feared so much has today become your reality. So, let it be a lesson – not a wound that cannot heal. As death is a reality , and death announces to mankind that no one is indespensable – you must then listen and comprehend and realize that in your learning something from this you will have conquered pain and acheived joy and the love of all creatures. From these creatures that love you for your constant nature and stability established by the understanding of all your pains, there will emerge a partner, who will NEVER hurt you and walk with you to eternity.

So, smile my friend. You have not lost anything. They have lost someone like you…:)