The Racist

by a l i

Raised with notions and beliefs given to him by his parents who received the same from their parents created by negative experiences of a race that threatened their existence, the Racist displays his prejudice no matter how much he refines himself for the changing times. He has concluded in his heart that a race not his own, and not superior to his own (one he fears) , has to be enslaved for his safety and security. His hatred is the conflict of genes within his own body- a dilemma he is lost in.

The racist suffers as much as the one he discriminates against, but his appearance does not show this untl he finally comes to the inevitable ‘payback’. Life punishes him for one thing alone: hating the beautiful creation of God because he did not understand the test of His creator and thus failed by corrupting his own perception and eventually, his heart. The result cannot be but despair and humility.