To you..

by a l i

I have grown. From the infant that cried , the boy who was mischievous, the young man who was courageous and foolish, the man who was ambitious to the man who seeks. I seek you now. I seek to know you. I seek to find you. I talk to you with all my actions and all my words. I try to see your answers and questions in the situations and people you show me. I get frustrated and I turn away.. only to find you where ever I turn. I turn yet again, and I still find you. So I look within and all I see is a being that seeks you.

And you , you are not seen. You cannot be seen. You are the UNSEEN.  And if that is so, then how do I know without a doubt that you are beautiful? How do I feel your love and your care? How do I then love all that you have created? I cannot hide from you.. I cannot find a corner where you cannot see me anymore. Because in all this time, I have found that the day I do not feel you anymore, I will not exist.

I cannot but now stand in AWE.. there is nothing else I can do.. except praise you .. praise you and praise you…