The Heart

by a l i

Heart. What is your heart. It is your real essence. The real you. The one hidden. The one that makes you alive. The one whose despair shows in your eyes as your mouth smiles. The one whose happiness shows in you resentment to sacrificing something for goodness. That is you heart. Your heart is what stores all your actions and presents it to its creator when you leave this world. It shows it’s wounds and its weak health which you gave it by your actions and thoughts. The notions , the beliefs, the ideas that you burdened your heart with,  inflicts pain upon it. And it cries and cries but to no avail because you are too busy attending to other entities and influences that keep telling you ” What you see is what IS”.
Few of us realize the existence of this living in heart within us. The one that pushes you to do good. The one that keeps telling that NOTHING in the life is worth you letting it suffer. This heart is what seeks to give your mind wisdom, your life color and your words life. Yet, you ignore it. You ignore it because you do not see it. You feel it for a while then you deceive yourself and convince yourself that there is no such thing. So you add to the pain of the heart by not acknowledging its existence within you. You defy it, hurt it and its time passes here and then one day, it leaves you to all that YOU paid attention to. It goes back to where it came from. The splendour of the throne of its creator. And you are then left with your broken ego and selfishness.
Those that do understand the language of their hearts win other hearts and this causes peace and union. It causes more growth and more empowerment to the heart needing your love and comfort. It is like a baby inside you , seeking your attention day and night.
Do not ignore your heart….