Too much Weight?

by a l i

For every human, there is a unique balance of height and weight. When it is right, the person is happy. But, as life goes on weight increases and decreases from the ideal. Most of us go on a diet, or join a regime but that is NOT the solution, though it could be good for the body. The solution is in the mind.

Extra weight is guilt and guilt is because you acted against your own soul. You hurt yourself. Maybe , you do not even realize it. Most people don’t. But , how many of us really give our own mind the time and attention to even begin to define what dwells in it? Yes, it is GUILT that has added the pounds, and guilt is conquered and put to rest by realization of what caused it and then facing it. Acknowledging to yourself your fault and seeking forgiveness and giving it. Guilt causes depression. It will only reveal itself to you when you stop pretending and start BEING.

Your whole body is a reaction to the intensity and changes in the energy within you. Learn to control this energy through your mind and heart.