by a l i

The awareness of me. The decision of Mine, and the the phenomena of I. These 3 rule us. These 3 are the ego. ‘This is me’,’I am this’ and ‘this is mine’. A person’s whole life is about them. 

Everytime life gives pain, the heart should wonder about these 3. How we have presented ‘me’, how we have thought of ‘I’ and what do we call ‘mine’. To be humble is not to disregard these and be ‘selfless’. To be humble is to realize that these 3 are not our creation, as we are created ourselves, but to appreciate and understand that ‘me’ is because of the creator and ‘I’ exist because of the creator and ‘mine’ is all His. We then confirm these realizations by saying things like ‘ He made me’, ‘I am from Him’ and ‘He gave me Mine’ thus making the self the subject of its creator and not our great invention. Thats humble and thats what deters pain and prevents selfishness and brings to life the ‘super’ you.

Admiration is for permanence and permanent is God.