by a l i

In  its essence, jealousy is fire. Fire burns whatever it touches. Which means, its nature is to diminish and destroy whatever it is on or in. Why light that fire in your heart when you know it will only burn you and your soul to ashes? Destructive energy is jealousy and any person that feels it is on the way to destruction.
What is the root of jealousy?  Jealousy is the child of two energy forms – ego and Illusion of Possession. Ego directs the heart to be superior to all and thus own and make all ones subjects. Illusion of Possession is to feel ownership over something that is by its nature free and cannot be owned. When both of these are challenged they produce the energy of jealousy and this jealousy starts to affect ones perception of people and life in general and it turns back on the ego and ridicules it in the mind, causing chaos in thought patterns and functions and making the individual do and say things that are hurtful to them and to those they direct it at.
The tragedy of jealousy is that it always causes failure to the one nurturing it in their heart. They always, as a rule, lose what they fear losing. Jealousy is the extreme of low self-esteem and insecurity. Uncertainty and ignorance are its companions and all of these put together is the end of anything positive in the life of the person who has not defined these and taken charge within their own minds and souls.