by a l i

All that is around us is a reflection of what is within. We often seek many changes in life and remain frustrated with some conditions that never seem to end. The reason is we never reach within ourselves that part of the mind where the change needs to be made. There is definitely something within that has to be changed in order to change what is outside.

Do you lack anything? You do not. You feel you do. But , if you look deep within you , you will find a part of the soul that has been darkened by some ignorance. Once you remove that darkness, you will see light there and thus the effect of that part on your life will change instantly.

What better way to do this then to focus on your Creator. For in doing so, you open the channels of the mind and allow light to flow in removing all darkness. Through Prayer you focus on your creator and prayer is the ONLY way to enter your own mind with a torch and see everything, fix everything. Once you have done so, all around you will change according to what pleases your soul. You wil find HAPPINESS.