by a l i

Our national identity, family identity and other labels that we acquire with time spent on earth have started to define us to ourselves and to eachother. An illusion forced to be reality. These identities decide for us how we are to be in this life. How we are to behave and what we can and cannot do.

To me, these are limitations we have set upon ourselves. This is the real killer of human freedom and mind. Imagine for one day that you have no identity. You are from nowhere and you belong to none. If this gives you a feeling of freedom, then your soul has been confined and if it depresses you then your soul is used to being confined now.

The fact remains ,however, that when you leave this life on your last journey – your only identity is the good and bad you did , the belief you nurtured in your heart and whose child you were. Is that real freedom or is it a sad beginning? You choose.