r e a l i t i e s

a l i


Find a path.. 

Do not go with the flow. The flow maybe headed anywhere. ..even to its own destruction.

Has history not taught you?

Man makes the same mistake..over and over again until he is destroyed…

Follow the path of those Few who succeeded. ..

Not the majority.

Now and Tomorrow


Have I seen tomorrow? Has anyone? Will anyone? Shall anyone? Can anyone?


Then why do we plan a tomorrow and not celebrate this moment? Why do we dread tomorrow and not be joyful now?


We fear time and we fear people. We fear, so we plan. We must see who owns Time and who owns People…

The Creator. With us….Now.



Desire may have no boundaries and it may be wild.. But you hold the rope that is tied around desire..you own it.. Let it be your slave .. Not you it’s slave. Let desire serve you and do not let it own you so that you may serve your desire..

Desire is energy.. Like a wild horse you must tame..

Shift in Focus


Giving up on the Unseen, man is obsessed with what can be seen and touched and so loyalties change from the world we have come from and will go to, to the world we are in. Reality is illusion to man and illusion is the ultimate reality and so the reactions of the heart and emotion to situation and circumstance..

Internal disaster leading to invitation to external disaster..

Do not worship each other but worship your Lord, your Creator..

Do we?

Or do we pray and worship and ask not for that heaven, but for this world?

Our focus has shifted from beautiful heavens to the ugly depths of this world and we call those depths home..

Walk with Faith..


Greater than the one causing you to fear God is the one that teaches you how to love Him..and shows the reality of faith.. Yes..there will be punishment. There will be eternal torment for some..there will be a Judgement. But, what if..on that day..you meet your Lord with love in your heart? Will you then not get love in return? Love you nurtured in your heart by realizing His greatness and acknowledging it at all times? To have knowledge is good..to have faith and a personal dialogue with your Creator each time you pray is better and never forgotten..for He forgets not. As for knowledge..will you display it to Him who knows All? It is but another blessing of His and not your accomplishment…

The Crying


Can my heart stop crying for a moment? Or am I asking it to not beat for a moment?
For everytime I ask my heart to cry not, it tells me it cannot smile. As long as one man kills another man for no reason. As long as one human dies of hunger while another over eats. As long as innocence is violated. As long as mothers cry and as long as man oppresses man..how can my heart not cry?

Mercy my Allah..mercy…have mercy on us all oh Merciful….

Desires and Guilt


Your desire..the thought of it..the imagination of it..and sometimes its fulfilment may make you feel guilty..and many times it does..

If it does..evaluate the desire…analyze it..know it..see where it has come from and what has caused it..
You will start to learn about yourself. You will get to know you. And in knowing yourself, you will find out that you knew yourself so little. And, in learning about yourself, you will learn about your Creator.
Your desire will then find patience because it will then find refinement….and you will not know guilt..

All Shall Perish..


I know..

One day “I” will not be, yet I shall be. I know that all of this Earth shall change and all shall perish.

All the mighty shall fall and structures shall crumble like dust. The mountains shall float and the seas shall merge and ..yes… ALL shall perish. All creatures gathered and judgments given. All shall be as no one can imagine.. and ALL shall perish..

The tears, the smiles, the joys of people… The memories and little things we put in little boxes to keep forever.. The trees and flowers we planted with love, the dresses we wore and the homes we built.. All shall perish. When we will not cry for anyone, when we will not care. When we will just know ourselves alone…and YOU… for YOU shall not perish.

Yes, I know.. that one day.. the Earth will spill out all it contains and reveal to all with sense what was reality. Reality we ignored and chose illusions.. illusions that shall perish..

I ask you my Allah, in writing and in word and from my heart and my soul… I beg you .. that when All this does perish.. let not my awareness of You perish.. let not your mercy for me Perish.. let not your love Perish.. I beg you.. I request.. I bow in submission and ask you and know that you are the Most Merciful and Compassionate… Do not let your Mercy upon me Perish…

La ilaha Il Allah, Muhammadun Rasool Allah…

Be Still

Stand still for a minute. Keep silent. Let the world pass by. Let the sun rise and let it set again. Don’t be in a hurry. Don’t be afraid of loss. And, don’t run for gain. Be still.
Look around you and see the purpose of each created entity. A tree stands in a place for a reason. A man crosses the street for a reason. An event, good or bad, occurs for a reason. For once, don’t interfere with all that is happening. Don’t try to change what you cannot change.
Go back in time to another day in the past. Remember all that you did that day and all that occurred. And, in your mind, be very still that day. You see how each and every word and action from you and all the people of the world resulted in changes today. Had you stood still that day, your today would not have been the way it is today.

All happens for a purpose. Be still and calm and you will start to see how the world works. You will see how every second is counted and every action allowed or disallowed… is so significant…

The Presence

A constant awareness of being observed. Each word recorded. Each thought noted. A silent reaction felt loudly. A presence. Constant and consistent. Showing and guiding silently. Creating reason and defining situations. A presence.

It is not an illusion for illusions never last so long. It is too powerful to ignore even when extreme joy of this world overwhelms the mind or when the heaviest burden of despair is placed upon the heart..the silent observer, the owner, the Creator…the presence is constant. Unseen and not felt by any of the senses but by a sense undefined and unknown. A feeling so deep within that ignoring leaves my being with no realm to exist in..
I live each moment..in thy presence my Lord…each moment..